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We are a Canadian based company specializing in effortless luxury hair/accessories and Apparel. We want to be able to provide glamorous, casual and corporate looks. Not only are we selling beauty supplies and apparel, but we want to be able to equip you with styles and looks to accompany your purchase. Check us out on our social media platform to get tips and styles to facilitate your needs. Join us in this venture of learning ,creating and of course looking good at Kadipop Secretz, providing and satisfying our clients and customer needs .We have a collection called the working gurl collection which provides looks,lenghts,convenience,styles, tips and designs for the working gurl. Whether your in a corporate environment , business casual or own your own business, or simply on your grind, Kadipop Secretz as styles for comfort with effortless beauty , which can be played up to Glam.

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